Without the duxelles!

One food I really don’t like is cooked mushrooms, I can’t even stand the smell! But raw in a salad… that’s ok, in fact lovely!

So beef wellington, as much as I LOVE fillet steak, is a tricky one. We’ve mentioned making this for ages, but this weekend we all had the time to put into it. A couple of us went to the butchers to source the fillet. With it costing £48 for 1Kg, we went with 700g.

It took a bit of searching to find a recipe without mushrooms, and in the end we went with Simon Rimmer’s which uses duck pate and english mustard.


I felt a lot of pressure to get it right but actually, it was quite straight forward! Cooked for 40 minutes and left to rest. Served with roasted carrots, summer greens, and potato gratin, it’s maybe not our healthiest meal… but this finished off our weekend a treat. Thanks Simon!


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