Juice Plus update…

I have been using the berry capsules for a week now, and feel that even though I have waited this long… it is still too soon to explain any benefits I may be feeling.

But there is one thing I think they possibly made a difference to… and that was my hangover Saturday morning. We had a couple of glasses of Prosecco Friday night… ok maybe 6… and a couple of other drinks. And Prosecco is my enemy when it comes to hangovers. One day I was left bed ridden untill 5pm, it effects me that bad (but it tastes so good)!

Therefore this Saturday should have been a right off, but it was only half as bad as I expected. I even spent the afternoon cooking!

So on to this week…I will be having avocado, smoked ham and light Philadelphia wholegrain Ryvita cracker breads for lunch. (We have the ham in the slow cooker as I type! Smells amazing!) And I’ll be snacking on a handful of cashew nuts and fruit every day. I also drink a lot of water at work, so feel I am meeting the dietary advice that comes with the capsules.

Let’s see how it goes!


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