We’re often pessimistic when it comes to vegetarian dishes. It’s mainly the guys – it seems to offend their masculinity!

This is a cheap yet really tasty dish that I would happily make again. It’s quite easy to switch up or down depending on what meal you fancy it for. It’s from the Sainsburys September magazine, however there are so many similar recipes online… I think it is more what you pair it with, and the avocado salsa was the game changer here!

For the salsa – Peal and dice the avocado. Finely dice a quarter of a red onion. Toss the onion and avocado in lime juice and add a handful of chopped coriander, salt and pepper.

To be more healthy you could use poached eggs rather than fried, and we decided to add a small salad.

We’re going to try this salsa in one of our favourite meals – Pulled Pork Wraps. Definitely one to watch out for!

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