Our ultimate favourite, but not the easiest thing to photograph!

We may have a few favourites (ok a lot), but this meal comes out time and time again. Originally Jamie Oliver’s ultimate pork tacos with black bean & avocado green salad. Switch to wraps as it makes for easier eating!

We use a joint of pork and slow cook it over night, and then add a smokey BBQ fajita mix to flavour the pork once cooked and pulled. You can also take the skin off the pork before slow cooking, and put it to one side to create crackling as a naughty side! The avocado salsa we made for the sweet potato rostis replaced the avocado in the salad this time round- it was really tasty but I think I prefer the original idea! This salad has to be the best one we make, I love the apple, just a shame it doesn’t last long enough to accompany the left over pork!

This dish always comes out for guests… and will continue to – I’m sure.


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