With a kick!

This is one of those recipes you need to go to the end of the earth (ish) to find specific ingredients! Luckily my house mate works with someone who could lead the way…

It was surprising how well it turned out considering we haven’t made it before, and that we didn’t stick to the recipe. We used chicken breast rather than thighs, and grilled them once cut into small pieces. The heat from the curry was spicy but not so much that it was difficult to eat – it reached a level and then stayed there. It was amazing how the flavours of the garlic, spices, onion and ginger were brought to life once the methi (fenugreek) leaves were added.

I hadn’t had chapati before but they were a lovely accompaniment, tasting like a savoury pancake! Although we have to come clean and admit we didn’t make these… but next time round we will be armed with our new chapati rolling pin to change that!


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