Not forgetting some crispy, fluffy roasties!

And yes, another Jamie Oliver favourite. We have taken to cooking the elements separately – using the fat from the bacon to cook the chicken in, and then bringing all the ingredients together in the pan to warm through at the end.

The flavours are lovely, they work really well together and for just a few elements they make a really hearty meal. Although I am more of a green olive fan, the black olives are more than acceptable here! And if you are only making this for two people, the ingredients will fit together a lot nicer in the pan at the end.

The secret to our roasties is leaving them outside to cool for 10 minutes after boiling (before placing them in the oven). And make sure they all have enough room on the tray so each side gets equally crispy! The fluffy centres are a great way to mop up the tasty sauce in this dish!


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