Simple, cheap, filling and full of flavour… what more could you want?

We had very mixed feelings on this one. It seemed like a great idea when we found the recipe! Then that feeling turned to worry when we got all the ingredients together tonight to actually see how few there were! Worry then turned to hope…

But, as many vegetarian meals pan out – it was surprisingly delicious.

You can find the recipe on the BBC Good Food site. To be fair, we did manage to make the process quicker by buying pre-cooked beets, meaning the roasting process took far less time. Although we did take the long route with the risotto by adding the stock as it was absorbed and stirring fairly constantly. I guess putting it in the oven should be easier but our guts told us to do it the old fashioned way.

Whilst cooking we kept thinking of what meat we could have potentially added to it. But in all honesty, it would have ruined it. Served with salad and spinach we needed to use up, it was both filling and fresh. And the soured cream on top is a touch of genius!


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