It’s always a good day when you come home to Tandoori Salmon.

This is the first meal my boyfriend cooked for me, and what a bar he set! The smell of this cooking really takes me back, and I’m so glad it’s still a go-to dish.

You can find the recipe here – and yes it is another Jamie Oliver favourite. Although it is slightly confusing as it’s called Tikka Salmon, yet you are advised to use tandoori paste. We have, on the occasion, used tikka paste instead. However, this is because you can only find tandoori paste in either Sainsbury’s, or if you are lucky – the world food isle in Tesco. I would definitely recommend using tandoori if you can, it works so much better with the salmon.

Served with naan and cucumber raita, this really is enough for a portion. In the past we have made bombay potatoes to accompany, but I would suggest onion bhajis and/or samosas are plenty. I can guarantee you will be full!


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