Something to tie us over to shopping night.

We had some chicken left from Sunday, and couldn’t go full food shopping so we found something we could piece together from things we happened to already have. And it wasn’t too shabby either!

This is another new one from Jamie Oliver, but we didn’t have the poppadoms- there was already enough on the plate! It combines cumin, turmeric and spinach with lemon which apparently helps our bodies absorb all the iron.

I’ve tagged it with Juice Plus as it was checked against their recommended food list as my housemate is trying the Juice Plus diet. Look out for this tag as even eating to the confines of a diet like this (not just a healthy balanced diet) can be tasty and colourful on the plate! Ditch the bland, bog standard meals and mix it up with different flavours! There’s more to a healthy diet than a baked sweet potato!

The mint and lemon yoghurt dressing was my favourite part, in fact I wish there was more! I may have had some cheeky roasted squash on the side too…


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