Simple but so so tasty!

But saying that… it’s surprisingly time consuming. You’re probably looking at the photo thinking it only takes half an hour tops. But actually, the chopping of all the tabbouleh ingredients took longer than we expected. However, I would definitely make it again as the tabbouleh is so tasty with the mint and zest bringing the meatballs into the picture!

This is a gluten free Hemsley & Hemsley dish which you can find here. We actually managed to get double the amount of meatballs out of the mixture – so we probably made them too small! But they cooked quicker in the pan and it feels like you’re getting more!

It’s a shame the cauliflower doesn’t keep very well as this would make a lovely lunch to take to work. This would also be really nice in the summer sun with a drink in hand… will be waiting a while for that moment!


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