Another amazing way to have steak! Plus plenty of your five a day!

Jamie does know some great ways to mix things up. We’ve had this dish about three times now and have finally got the rice lovely and yellow! The dressing for the steak is so good we’ve used it in other recipes too. You can find out how to make it here.

Whilst on the topic of steak, we went to the Flat Iron in Soho this week and it certainly lived up to expectations. I was served the most melt in your mouth steak I have had in a long time! It was buttery, tender, well seasoned and full of flavour… all for a tenner with salad! We have been to some expensive steak houses and I would pick the flat iron steak hands down every time now- and that’s coming from a fillet lover. So next time you fancy treating yourself for a meal out, visit the Flat Iron – although you may need to go for a few cocktails to kill some waiting time first… not the end of the world!


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