Another one from our new book – Jamie’s America… and surprisingly healthy.

We had our doubts about this but we were proved wrong! So refreshing and filling, and the mackerel doesn’t overpower everything either. Although we didn’t manage to source it from Redondo beach! Jamie suggests you could use sardines, trout, salmon, or even chicken. I think it’s great sticking with fish as it’s a little different.

You can find the recipe here. We made the avocado salsa from the sweet potato rostis recipe rather than how Jamie suggests, and served the wraps with baby tomato stuffed peppers (just layer them with salt, pepper and virgin olive oil).

We found that you are left with bits of courgette and asparagus from slicing ribbons off them… and as we have been inspired by Hugh’s war on waste we decided to chop these up and griddle them. Our housemate on the Juice Plus diet had these to make up for not having wraps.

It’s good to find another interesting fish recipe- as nice as herb crusted fish might be… it isn’t half as exciting as this!


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