Dead simple, but definitely takes longer than 5mins to grill!

We served this Jamie Oliver recipe with stuffed peppers – a ‘what have we got in the cupboards’ version that happened to match up with a BBC Good Food recipe! Well, minus the goats cheese which we substituted for feta..

We marinated the chicken straight away and then had time for our gym sessions! The marinade did have a really nice kick and was lovely with the courgette. It was a bit fiddly putting them together- we used a spiralizer to make courgette ribbons rather than slicing to make sure they were thin enough (so they didn’t snap). One was made with a rosemary skewer, but didn’t want to risk killing our little plants by taking any more!

Using the microwave for the peppers was a great idea. The only thing that held us up was waiting for was the rice to cook. Never thought of putting pesto in rice, but I’ll definitely be doing it again! And the feta worked really well too.

All in all, very tasty!


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