And enough to last you 3 days!

This is a common dish of ours, but each time we have made it recently- we’ve been missing the coriander! So this time it was fit to photograph and show you all how delicious it really is!

This is a recipe that made it’s way into the flat’s recipe book a long time ago, so I’ve only just realised this is a Hairy Bikers recipe, which you can find here.

People at work seemed shocked when I told them my chilli was finished off with a dash of dark chocolate, but soon warmed to the idea when they tried it! It also has two different types of beef in the recipe- diced and minced, which mixes up the texture and surprise. It’s dead easy to make, and perfect for a cold winters night. Prepare and then pop in the oven to forget about (well almost)!  I’d always recommend a nice spoonful of soured cream on top to really finish it off and marry all the yummy flavours together.

As it’s Christmas we have been out a lot! So posts should be flooding back in in January when we’ll have all missed our wonderful home cooked meals! Have a Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year everyone!


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