Happy New Year!

And so the ‘New Year New Me’ bug hits! Well – I will be going to the gym more… but don’t expect our meals to thin out!

So we got a couple of new books for Christmas (like all the cool kids do). One of which was The Hairy Dieters Good Eating Book 3. We’ve tagged a fair few recipes for the upcoming weeks that we’re excited to try. The first of which was this one. We know it’s not summer but with today’s supermarkets you can always pretend…

We substituted the parma ham for chicken so that it was suitable for our flat mates Juice Plus diet (she also had wholemeal pasta). The chicken probably ‘beefed’ it up more though to be honest!


As it’s a new book, I doubt I’ll find many of the recipes to follow online. It only took about half an hour to cook. The most laborious task was popping the broad beans out of their skins!

Not the most exciting meal but it’s healthy, tasty and quick! Perfect for those tired nights during the first couple of weeks back at work…


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