Don’t be boring with steak! (unless it’s an amazing cut!)

I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again – there’s so much more to steak than chips! Even if they are sweet potato chips…

This Jamie recipe from his Everyday Superfood book is the perfect way to mix it up. Plus both beef and pomegranate seeds contain plenty of vitamin B which not only boosts our metabolism and immune system, but helps us feel less sluggish – for all those finishing their first week back at work you know where i’m coming from.

If you have trustworthy knife skills you could almost cook this with you eyes closed. It’s so simple and quick that there really is no excuse for not trying it.  The tabbouleh rice is fresh with lemon and mint, and the little jewels of pomegranate are a lovely sweet hit. And if you have leftover tabbouleh it’s great for lunch the next day – two meals in one!

I reckon it’s one to save for the summer too – steak on the BBQ and tabbouleh for everyone to help themselves to. Definitely a winner.


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