Courtesy of our favourite… Sunday Brunch!

We saw this recipe last Sunday and thought we’d give it a go! As the Juice Plus’ee’ was out it was also a good excuse to put some pork on the menu! You can find the full method here.

Now, you may notice a couple of odd things about this recipe…

2 tbsps Dijon mustard, finely chopped  … we have yet to master the art of finely chopping the Dijon mustard.

1 small shallot, finely chopped … which you then put in a food processor. Time saving tip – don’t finely chop it!

Moving on to other things we didn’t do… For the chutney we replaced the honey with sugar – admittedly it probably didn’t work as well as it would have. But I thought I’d tried my fair share of ‘natural sweetener’ for one one week.

We (well I) felt that the sweet potato chips needed longer than 25mins in the oven. Which they may have done. Just not 50 minutes- although we saved them just before they were completely forgotten about!

So the moral of this recipe is that you need to use some common sense! And it’s often deceiving how quick and easy these programmes make it look! But the end meal was a hearty change to some of the meals we have had recently, and went down a treat.


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