From our new book ‘The Gluten Free Cookbook’.

Although we don’t need a gluten free diet it is interesting to pick up meals from different sources. We found this recipe and served it with coconut rice… and it’s made it’s way into our favourites!

You can find the chicken skewers recipe here and a basic coconut rice here (we added lemon zest too). Don’t be put off by marinating the chicken for an hour – you can prepare the raita and chop the coriander & finishing touches ready for the rice… maybe unload the dishwasher and put some washing on too! I prepared my lunch for the next day so it felt like I was saving time if anything!

We’d advise to fill the skewers with the chicken rather than leaving spaces… as although soaking the skewers is a good idea, they will still burn if exposed. Our kitchen smelt like a campfire!

The chicken has a bit of a kick to it! But served with the raita it finds a happy medium. You could always experiment with slightly different styles of raita to change it up. But for a fairly simple recipe it’s colourful and punchy!




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