The last salsa verde we made was a disaster but this light version works a treat!

Another one from The Hairy Dieters Good Eating book… don’t worry though we have been kindly given a new Jamie Oliver book for next week to balance it out a bit!

This is dead easy to do, the only thing that took time were the potato wedges (which we chose over the tomato and onion salad). I’m not sure the salsa verde was quite as it should have been… perhaps our measurements of a ‘large bunch’ and ‘small bunch’ aren’t quite accurate! The egg yolk mixture didn’t cover the herbs as well as it should have, so we blitzed it up in the food processor. This added to our doubts after the last one we made… but it goes to show that different variations of recipes are worth trying! I think ours ended up just a tad, shall we say… ‘rustic’!

We found the pork didn’t take as long to cook as suggested, but the pork we used was pre diced so may well have been smaller than the suggested 3cm chunks. But it’s just down to keeping an eye on it. The marinade is really versatile as you can make it the night before, or just half an hour before you would like to eat – so it can fit into everyone’s schedules. In all honesty we were surprised at how much we liked the dish considering its simplicity!

There is probably some greenery missing here… but it was just me and the two lads so it didn’t get put very high on the priority list!


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