Seriously quick and easy.

This is from a new book we have called ‘Lean in 15’ by Joe Wicks. I saw him feature on Sunday Brunch and it turned out my housemate was already eyeing up his book!

You can find the recipe here. It’s so quick it could feature in 15minute meals and wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination. So much so, I think we’re going to keep this one in the bag for shopping nights!

We couldn’t get hold of sea bass this week, but try and get fish with the skin on – we missed out on that crispy texture but picked up a bargain of fresh filleted fish instead. Once the fish is cooked on one side, you even take that off the heat to forget about!

The only prep you need to do is chopping the chilli and brazil nuts. I love how he calls the tender-stem broccoli ‘midget trees’ – what a fun image! I was dubious about them cooking in 2 minutes though… so I gave them a tad longer. It would have been nice to have steamed them but it would have added some more washing up to the equation!

It’s lovely to find a recipe that includes Brazil nuts – a welcomed change to the more commonly used cashews and pistachios in our diet. Reduced in carbohydrates it leaves you feeling fresh… and surprisingly full!


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