Our proudest moment yet!

Unsure of whether I had made the bun dough correctly (and after making a second batch just in case) it was such a satisfying dinner. When you lift the bamboo lid to reveal these gorgeous little buns you know it’s all been worth it!

It’s definitely one for the weekend, and the recipe can be found here, it’s from our new Jamie’s Comfort Food book (which has some blinders in it!)

I originally made the dough by adding the dry yeast to the other bun ingredients… and after they didn’t rise too much, and I could still see flakes of yeast – I panicked! So I made another batch, following the yeast activating instructions on the tub (we couldn’t get a sachet). The second batch doubled in size so I was convinced the first batch wouldn’t work! But to my amazement the first batch looked and tasted like the real thing! So we have frozen the additional 20 buns to experiment with a salmon or duck version (here’s to hoping that batch works too!)

The pork is the easiest park to be honest, you pretty much forget about it! And the pickles are simple plus they can be made in advance. They would have been more simple if we had a mandolin… something to add to the kitchen wish list! So the only hassle are the buns themselves, but it’s more to do with the stop start approach of dough making than there being anything new to learn.

It all comes together in a really interesting sweet, and slightly sour, gorgeous mouthful. I was so excited that part of me didn’t want to share! And worried two buns wouldn’t be enough… the third was actually a struggle! Once you realise there’s plenty to go round it’s a lovely meal to bring people together!


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