And what a zing!

Sorry it’s been a while! I haven’t been quite up to my usual food antics! But I’m back, and armed with a new Hemsley & Hemsley book. Oh and apologies for the rogue plate… I accidentally donated a more decent plate to our new resident rosemary tree (reduced to £1.50 thanks to Mothers Day!).

So this new book is truly healthy, I feel you could just look at it and lose at least a pound… although it will cost you £25.

The steak recipe is high in iron and packed full of vitamins, and you’re advised to eat it for lunch or an early supper so it’s easier to digest.


So the recipe serves 2… but unless you want a fridge bursting with salad, don’t double the salad ingredients for 4! As 3 bags of kale and 2 bags of various other salad is slightly excessive!

I was dubious about the raw kale but once chopped finely it was ok. And mixed with the zingy salad dressing it was so refreshing and would definitely wake you up on a Monday lunch time (for those who struggle through the morning)! We made a mustard dressing for the steak too (see Jamie’s Steak Ratatouille recipe) which really set it off.

And as for the avocado, I love it! And in this recipe it is a must! It makes for a more interesting  variation of textures and you can’t complain when all you have to do is peal it.

Keep an eye out for another new Hemsley & Hemsley recipe this week; Mexican beef & carrot burgers! Hopefully they won’t be a disaster now i’ve mentioned it…


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