Simply a MUST try!

Being honest, this recipe didn’t stand out as amazing on our meal board this week. And after the fiasco with the hummus, hopes were quite low. But Jamie came through with a winner by the end!

This is from Jamie’s Everyday Superfood book, and you can find it online here. Filled with iron to keep you awake, and manganese for strong bones, who knew turmeric could be so kind…  although not so kind to your kitchen-

WARNING: For those with white kitchens, you’ll be cleaning the work top for days afterwards! So try and cover the sides with a tea towel when cooking the chicken, as it spits out lovely turmeric yellow oil!

Other things to watch out for… quite a standard Jamie issue that the chicken took longer than 8 minutes to cook. So next time we will give it a bash so it’s not so thick and may cook in that time frame! Do try to get good quality chickpeas for the skinny hummus – we forgot, and ended up buying another tin to combat the rather watery hummus we initially made. Or just don’t pour in all of the juices from the tin. Saying that the end result was still runnier than what you would buy but it actually worked really well as it coated the couscous far easier when you came to eat the meal.

All in all this was just such a well rounded meal, interesting, tasty, filling, and good for you! We also realised that if a couple of you help to prepare it, and start everything at once, you can have it made pretty rapidly! I don’t usually get excited about chicken, but this is definitely going down in the mental book of faves!


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