Another cheat to make your meat go further.

This is our second recipe from the Hemsley & Hemsley new Good & Simple book. It is quite versatile with the option of making them burgers or meat balls, they can be served with a lettuce leaf wrap, party nibbles with guacamole, or left overs with courgetty. Plus you can even swap the beef for lamb! How many options do you need?


We chose to serve this with the Mexican salad and refried beans we make for pulled pork wraps. And actually, in the time it takes to chop that salad for four people, the rest of the meal is done! So it pays for a couple of people to get involved!

The meatballs themselves were nice, nothing amazing but it felt good to have less meat on the plate (from a health point of view). It would be interesting to try them as burger or even in a wrap with the salad and beans. Although I guess I would then naturally compare them to the pulled pork wraps which takes a lot of beating!


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