Helping to keep your nervous system healthy with a hit of B6 courtesy of the pomegranate seeds!

So couscous has gone from never being on our menu, to eating it twice in a week! And each time it’s been great in a different way. This just made for heavenly mouthfuls of tasty, fresh flavours.

So we’re back to Jamie’s Everyday Super Foods with this one, and you can find the recipe here. We didn’t buy shell-on king prawns, for two reasons… 1. they are more expensive and 2. when a meal tastes this good you don’t want to interrupt your flow by getting your hands in to de-shell them! I’m not actually a massive fan of prawns either, but they mixed nicely in this meal, not standing out as fishy thanks to the lovely marinade.

Usually alarm bells sound when a recipe says ‘marinade’ as you start thinking hours, over night, even days! But it’s far from a problem here! Make the marinade first and your prawns will be ready for when you next need them.

We chose asparagus, spring onions and peppers for our veg (perhaps not seasonal) but tasted great. This recipe houses so many fresh flavours like mint, orange, lemon, chilli and spring onion – that you can’t help but feel you’ve given your body a healthy food hug!


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