Honestly, when it comes to take-aways i’m 100% an Indian fan. Chinese food reminds me of Uni when I’d walk into the living room to the smell of Chinese takeaway and my mates looking sorry for themselves after one too many vodka red bulls the night before!

So when it comes to Chinese food, it’s got to be fresh! And Hemsley & Hemsley know how to deliver…


There’s just one main tip with this recipe – prepare everything first! That includes getting all of your spices out, boiling the kettle (we used stock rather than bone broth), chopping and organising. So that once you start heating up that pan, it’s just a case of adding everything step by step. It may feel like you’re slowing down the process initially but you’ll be speeding up the end! And it means you can stick to all the timings.

We couldn’t find the coconut flour, so we bought corn flour instead (something I was surprised we didn’t already have). But we didn’t use it in the end so I can’t say whether it would have been a good substitute or not.

Hemsley & Hemsley advised rice wasn’t necessary which I have to agree with now… but we had some sneaky rice on the side as we didn’t quite believe it initially!


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