Don’t be fooled!

Honestly, I found this recipe and didn’t look so much at the timings… “fishcakes, yeh that’s a dish we’ll have time to do on a week night.” Oh how wrong I was!

I think in total this Jamie dish took us 3 hours to make. Which isn’t a problem if you are prepared for it, but not the nicest surprise after a long day at work. However, it’s not a difficult recipe to follow. Neither are there loads of ingredients to buy.

We served this with the Mexican salad we make for pulled pork wraps, along with a lovely corn on the cob – something we rarely have but I love! Unfortunately we couldn’t find polenta so we used semolina instead. And our Juice plus resident coated her fish cakes in crushed almonds and missed out on the sweet corn (both in the fish cake and as a side).

I was really surprised these held together as they were so wet when we were shaping them! However we were pleasantly surprised when they cam out of the oven. I’d advise that you probably need to add more oil in the pan as you fry them as it is absorbed so quickly and the semolina starts to burn.

Sardines is an interesting choice, and one that I thought would taste far stronger amongst the other ingredients. But overall, I think they tasted more of sweet potato than anything else. If you enjoy fish cakes and are looking for another recipe then it’s one to try, but if fish cakes are something you rarely have, then I’d advise trying the Chorizo Fish Cakes we made back in September.


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