Sorry it’s been a while! We’ve been enjoying the array of recipes we’ve already told you all about… that and we went on holiday!

Kicking things off again with Jamie and some lovely fresh seared Tuna. We’ve made a few alterations to the dish to balance out time and costs.

As there was only 3 of us eating this one we didn’t want to have to buy 2 packs of 2 tuna steaks. If you’re planning on eating this later on in the week you could get away with frozen tuna as you have time to defrost it. But we had planned to eat it straight after our shop, so we bought just the one pack and added prawns to bulk it out, cutting the tuna into slices for even portions.

We also decided we didn’t have an hour to wait for the couscous so we created the ‘flavoursome’ mixture, drained it and topped it up with boiling water to 150ml. Once added to the couscous just top it up with water if you need to (so the couscous is just covered).

So we did adapt it a fair bit… but we kept all of the ingredients and only changed the recipe to fit in with our evening (and our budget)! Just remember the tuna keeps cooking slightly once removed from the pan – we thought ours was perfect and pink in the middle but upon eating it had turned ever so slightly.

We’re quite the fan of couscous at the moment, so any variations are warmly received! And  this one went down a treat. I love the specs of feta and the gentle buzz of heat from the chilli too. Next time we make this one we will follow the book! But it’s good to know you can work with the recipe to suit you.


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