A real favourite of mine when it comes to vegetarian meals.

This is quite a thrifty little meal from Lorraine Pascale! It always goes so much further than you expect. In fact – I have some packed up for my lunch tomorrow!

I would definitely recommend making your own pesto – you can really taste the difference. It’s so much fresher, thicker and has a more vibrant colour to it. Saying that, we have made this with bought pesto too, and even red pesto to change it up. So if you’re strapped for time it is always an option.

We have never managed to make this with just one large tomato… let’s just say Lorraine must chop hers extremely thin! So buy a couple, or a pack… and for a laugh see how far you can get one to go!

Served with a salad made from the left over spinach and pine nuts with a drizzle of balsamic glaze, this is a tasty little dish which goes a very long way. Dead easy to make with shop bought filo pastry (and pesto if you really want), plus kind to your wallet – you really can’t go wrong!


4 thoughts on “Extra thin & crispy goat’s cheese tart with spinach & thyme pesto

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