If you’re going to try a new pork dish – make it this one!

It’s pretty quick, easy and just so delicious. Yes it’s totally unhealthy, but worth it! Plus at least you know everything that’s going in it.

This recipe is from lorraine Pascale. She really does comfort food with a twist and a lot of taste.



Take pride in picking your pork chops… we’ve all experienced those ones that cook down to about half the size and are really chewy! Not that we spent any more money – we still bought humble Tesco pork chops, just made sure they were a decent size and thickness.

We’ve made this a couple of times, this time we made buttery mash rather than mustard mash. Either is great, as it’s the apple, shallot and cider sauce that really steals the show! We always use Aspalls Cider, and it’s nice you have a glass left for yourself at the end too.

Yes, this is quite sweet, but it all blends together so well that you’ll relish every mouthful!


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