Hopefully you remember me…!

I know it’s been a few months since my last post, but I’m back in the driving seat and ready to share more teatimegems!

Firstly if you are interested in growing your recipe book collection then head to the car boot! From 50p – £1 per book you will save yourself a fortune whilst quickly transforming your bookshelves. It’s amazing how new some of the books are that you will find… one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Quite an easy recipe to kick things off again. This is a Hairy Dieters recipe from their book How to Love Food and Lose Weight. You can find the recipe online here.

It’s amazing that with a simple mix of smoked paprika and oregano, and a dash of chorizo you have Spain knocking at your door… well your oven at least! It’s an easy one to remember as it’s all broken down into 5 straight forward 20minute stages that are a breeze to follow.

The potatoes start to absorb those juicy chicken flavours that have been muddled with chorizo, and the tomatoes are perfectly roasted without being overly soft. I think chicken thighs are understated really, they are so succulent and flavoursome… and a fraction of the price. Overall a really wholesome meal to edge you into Autumn.

Plus you will have the perfect ratio of food to washing up – lot’s of food and next to no washing up!!


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