Happy New Year!

So it’s January, and like many of you I have spent most my money on Christmas, New Year (and treating myself in the sales). Meaning, food has taken a cheap seat this month! The plan is to cook a few meals that make a lot of portions – just to see me through.

This is a recipe I stumbled across whilst doing my Tesco shop, you can find it here. With the left over chicken and chorizo, I have a paella recipe I’ll be making soon too. To be honest, I have the general idea that anything with chorizo is going to be amazing. Which creates pretty high hopes.

This was dead easy to make, and the preparation/cooking time was pretty bang on at 40 minutes. Plus at £3 a portion you can’t really complain. The fresh basil really helps to lift the flavours, along with the chorizo – without them it would be pretty similar to something you could find in a jar.

I guess a pasta bake is just something that doesn’t really excite me. It’s only at times like this, when money is tight, that I really tend to think of them. Although having something which provides you with a couple of portions saves you so much time… and that I can be grateful for! Plus now I have some soft cheese for all the potatoes I’ve bought for lunches…


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