When you own a tin of cannellini beans that’s sat around so long it’s nearly out of date*.

As much as I love food (and come on, that’s all you hear from people these days), it’s usually the first thing that gets compromised come the end of the month. So aside from eating jacket potato and beans (that’s next week), I made a list of the things I need to use up, and set out to find a recipe that needed little other ingredients to make them happen.

Joe Wicks has some awesome quick meals, often with simple ingredients, and very little clearing up. I tend to make extra for lunch the next day (where recipes allow) as they’re often very inexpensive too.

Simple things like using chipolatas instead of sausages are great ways to cut corners without cutting flavour or interest. Yes, chipolatas are going to make the meal more expensive than if it were just vegetarian, but when they’re the only thing you need to buy (and they will make enough for two portions) it feels like a real winner!



This is by no means a showpiece of a meal, but as it’s being demonstrated time and time again, by the likes of Jamie Oliver, Clean Eating Alice and Joe Wicks (to name a few), there really is no excuse for living off frozen chips and pizza. I can’t actually remember the last time I bought chips for home, my thought process has literally changed to ‘buy a potato’ to make potato wedges instead.

I guess it’s just about breaking the habits. Once you find a few cost effective, quick, healthy meals, your freezer draw contains ice for G&Ts, not frozen mac & cheese…

*do people really believe those dates?

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