What are you having for tea tonight?

I enjoy cooking from scratch and I’m not embarrassed that I own a food processor, spiralizer and love a good board [ahem, Jamie Oliver].

I like variety and often choose healthy options like courgettey and sweet potato fries. You won’t find me buying frozen chips, in fact the freezer is primarily homemade chicken stock cubes… and looks like it will be for the forceable future!

teatimegems was inspired by curiosity rather than ‘just another self confessed foodie sharing photos of their meals on Instagram’ (although I can be quite partial to the odd piece of food porn). It was originally started to help document what I was eating, whilst trying out Juice Plus Berry Capsules.

Personally, I didn’t feel all the benefit’s that people told me about. The only thing I could say it may have helped with was hangovers – which I was pretty grateful for! It is wonderful Juice Plus gives people the motivation to change their lives. But the main befit I have felt, is that I realise how lucky I am to have a healthy life, and in reality- I do have a lot of energy, drive and motivation, I was just overlooking it before (or was expecting to turn into Wonder Woman with Juice Plus).

So I am thankful to Juice Plus, just not for the reasons I expected. I have continued with my blog as I never realised how much I would enjoy it… and I hope you do too.




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