Turkey Burgers & Chips

A lean, less calorific alternative to the norm!

Although we were slightly worried about the colour when they came out the oven, but a flash fry and they soon got their tan on!

This is from The Hairy Dieters Eat For Life book. It just stood out as something we should try. It’s a far cheaper alternative without feeling you are missing out. And I’ve just realised it’s the first turkey recipe I have made to post about!


The flavour from the leaks and courgette mixed with the turkey created a flavour I wasn’t expecting, but a flavour that I would happily have again! The relish is a simple addition that brings that extra kick of life to the meal. We missed out the buns as we cooked the meal for four when only three of us were eating… but who wouldn’t prefer more meat and no bread?! It was really filling and only took an hour to make – so it will only get faster with practice!

Mediterranean Beef Burgers

The no guilt burger… well, less guilt.

This recipe uses the clever trick of bulking out the burgers with grated onion and courgette – which is really healthy – and which we completely ignored and bought at extra 250g of minced beef (and i’ve just realised bacon wasn’t in the recipe either)! But of course you should really follow the recipe if you want to save some calories for dessert.

You can find the REAL recipe here, courtesy of The Hairy Bikers. I have to say the burger was really tasty, and although fairly large, it was cooked perfectly. We served with sweet potato wedges and a warm spinach, leak and pea salad. Us girls opted for bunless burgers (which makes this suitable for Juice Plus)- guess we had to make up for all the extras some how…

Minted Lamb & Coriander Burgers with Cucumber Yoghurt

I couldn’t wait to make these this evening… let alone eat them!

After nearly falling asleep on the tube home, these tasty little burgers have perked me up again! This is another recipe from Lorraine Pascale’s book- Home Cooking Made Easy, and one we have made a few times now. The cucumber and mint yoghurt makes a lovely sauce, far better than a dollop of mayo… and that is coming from quite a mayo fan!

Lorraine stays true to her word, this really is easy, and even better – it’s quick!


We served these with courgette fries, made from a coating of parmesan and almond crumbs and left to cook for half an hour. We’ve gradually upped the time on these and think we’ve peaked at 30 minutes! We decided against buns as in the past they have just overdone it… plus surely it’s more healthy without all those carbs?!

Plates cleared, tummies full!