Roast Spiced Cauliflower & Salmon

So I’ve joined the Lean in 15 party.

Recently ‘treated’ myself to the latest Lean in 15 book by Joe Wicks aka ‘The Body Coach’. A few mates are raving about him, and even my brother is now dabbling in the kitchen thanks to his simple, quick and nutritious meals.

To be fair it was around this time last year that I posted a meal from his first book – Sea Bass with Brazil Nuts, Kale & Pomegranate. So you could say I was one of the first to the party…

Anyway, roast spiced cauliflower with salmon was super easy, and pretty tasty too. It all happens in one roasting tray so you really can’t complain. When I cook meals like this it really highlights how healthy eating is not difficult, nor does it need to break the bank.

The most expensive ingredient is the salmon, which is usually around £3.50 for two fillets. Although, after watching Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast* this week, I will be keeping an eye out for the MSC sustainable seafood label and picking more meals based around these.


I felt so healthy eating this meal, and will definitely be cooking it again. Only change I may make is reducing the spice mix down a bit as I felt the cauliflower was slightly too doused in the stuff! Don’t get me wrong, it’s no showstopper meal for a dinner party, but when you just need to impress yourself – it does the job!

*FYI after watching one of Joe’s live Insta posts he said he was down to appear on the show!


Prawn, Tenderstem Broccoli, Feta & Almond Salad

Letting me love prawns again.

I’ve never been a massive fan of prawns, especially those little frozen ones found in prawn cocktails that are often wet, squishy and drown in sauce!.. Ok, so perhaps it’s actually those traditional prawn cocktails that have spoilt them for me.

But these meaty king prawns marinated in harissa paste and lemon zest, with the slightly charred flavour from the griddle pan, are gorgeous. The simplicity of this recipe surprised me, as it looks so special on the plate. Plus the different textures and mix of hot, cold and warm elements makes it a joy to eat.

It’s from the Sirocco Persian cook book from Sabrina Ghayour, where on every page you will find bright and vibrant recipes to catch your eye.


You can easily whip this up in half an hour, with very few ingredients. A quick tip (that may seem obvious) is when adding the ingredients together for the dressing, use your tablespoon measure for the oil first, as then the honey slips straight out of it afterwards rather than getting stuck (literally felt my life change when I figured that out).

I enjoyed this as a main meal (twice!) but I reckon it would turn a few heads as a starter if you have any dinner parties lined up. Or if you are planning on treating that special someone in a couple of weeks time.

I think it’s rare that people get genuinely excited by a salad. But so far the two I have made from this book (apple, pomegranate, red onion and sumac) have been simple, versatile and full of new flavours!

Warm Smoked Trout Salad, new potatoes, beets & soft-boiled eggs

Ok so I may have forgotten to get smoked trout… but for those who don’t like the strong flavour that comes with smoked fish, I can assure you it still tastes wonderful with pan fried trout!

Another newbie from Jamie’s Superfood Family Classics book. So, so simple! And utilises pans brilliantly with cooking your potatoes, green beans, asparagus and soft boiled egg all in the same pan!


Admittedly I was very dubious about slicing into the soft boiled egg – it felt extremely wobbly! But to my surprise it was perfectly cooked. Obviously you can cook it for longer if you prefer. But the oozy yolk was lovely!

I can safely say, since cooking from Jamie’s books I have a new found love for yoghurt. It’s such a perfect, healthy replacement for mayonnaise! I actually cringe to think how many jars of mayo I used to get through. Now it’s safe to say I eat more ‘savoury’ yoghurt than ever before!

And for all those who are looking for new lunch ideas – make yourself a little extra and pack it ready for tomorrow. Monday will be just a tad easier when you have a meal as tasty as this to look forward to come midday!


Seared Tuna with Sicilian Couscous & Greens

Sorry it’s been a while! We’ve been enjoying the array of recipes we’ve already told you all about… that and we went on holiday!

Kicking things off again with Jamie and some lovely fresh seared Tuna. We’ve made a few alterations to the dish to balance out time and costs.

As there was only 3 of us eating this one we didn’t want to have to buy 2 packs of 2 tuna steaks. If you’re planning on eating this later on in the week you could get away with frozen tuna as you have time to defrost it. But we had planned to eat it straight after our shop, so we bought just the one pack and added prawns to bulk it out, cutting the tuna into slices for even portions.

We also decided we didn’t have an hour to wait for the couscous so we created the ‘flavoursome’ mixture, drained it and topped it up with boiling water to 150ml. Once added to the couscous just top it up with water if you need to (so the couscous is just covered).

So we did adapt it a fair bit… but we kept all of the ingredients and only changed the recipe to fit in with our evening (and our budget)! Just remember the tuna keeps cooking slightly once removed from the pan – we thought ours was perfect and pink in the middle but upon eating it had turned ever so slightly.

We’re quite the fan of couscous at the moment, so any variations are warmly received! And  this one went down a treat. I love the specs of feta and the gentle buzz of heat from the chilli too. Next time we make this one we will follow the book! But it’s good to know you can work with the recipe to suit you.

Mexican-style Fish Cakes

Don’t be fooled!

Honestly, I found this recipe and didn’t look so much at the timings… “fishcakes, yeh that’s a dish we’ll have time to do on a week night.” Oh how wrong I was!

I think in total this Jamie dish took us 3 hours to make. Which isn’t a problem if you are prepared for it, but not the nicest surprise after a long day at work. However, it’s not a difficult recipe to follow. Neither are there loads of ingredients to buy.

We served this with the Mexican salad we make for pulled pork wraps, along with a lovely corn on the cob – something we rarely have but I love! Unfortunately we couldn’t find polenta so we used semolina instead. And our Juice plus resident coated her fish cakes in crushed almonds and missed out on the sweet corn (both in the fish cake and as a side).

I was really surprised these held together as they were so wet when we were shaping them! However we were pleasantly surprised when they cam out of the oven. I’d advise that you probably need to add more oil in the pan as you fry them as it is absorbed so quickly and the semolina starts to burn.

Sardines is an interesting choice, and one that I thought would taste far stronger amongst the other ingredients. But overall, I think they tasted more of sweet potato than anything else. If you enjoy fish cakes and are looking for another recipe then it’s one to try, but if fish cakes are something you rarely have, then I’d advise trying the Chorizo Fish Cakes we made back in September.

Moroccan Prawns, Fluffy Couscous & Rainbow Salsa

Helping to keep your nervous system healthy with a hit of B6 courtesy of the pomegranate seeds!

So couscous has gone from never being on our menu, to eating it twice in a week! And each time it’s been great in a different way. This just made for heavenly mouthfuls of tasty, fresh flavours.

So we’re back to Jamie’s Everyday Super Foods with this one, and you can find the recipe here. We didn’t buy shell-on king prawns, for two reasons… 1. they are more expensive and 2. when a meal tastes this good you don’t want to interrupt your flow by getting your hands in to de-shell them! I’m not actually a massive fan of prawns either, but they mixed nicely in this meal, not standing out as fishy thanks to the lovely marinade.

Usually alarm bells sound when a recipe says ‘marinade’ as you start thinking hours, over night, even days! But it’s far from a problem here! Make the marinade first and your prawns will be ready for when you next need them.

We chose asparagus, spring onions and peppers for our veg (perhaps not seasonal) but tasted great. This recipe houses so many fresh flavours like mint, orange, lemon, chilli and spring onion – that you can’t help but feel you’ve given your body a healthy food hug!

Sea Bass with Brazil Nuts, Kale & Pomegranate

Seriously quick and easy.

This is from a new book we have called ‘Lean in 15’ by Joe Wicks. I saw him feature on Sunday Brunch and it turned out my housemate was already eyeing up his book!

You can find the recipe here. It’s so quick it could feature in 15minute meals and wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination. So much so, I think we’re going to keep this one in the bag for shopping nights!

We couldn’t get hold of sea bass this week, but try and get fish with the skin on – we missed out on that crispy texture but picked up a bargain of fresh filleted fish instead. Once the fish is cooked on one side, you even take that off the heat to forget about!

The only prep you need to do is chopping the chilli and brazil nuts. I love how he calls the tender-stem broccoli ‘midget trees’ – what a fun image! I was dubious about them cooking in 2 minutes though… so I gave them a tad longer. It would have been nice to have steamed them but it would have added some more washing up to the equation!

It’s lovely to find a recipe that includes Brazil nuts – a welcomed change to the more commonly used cashews and pistachios in our diet. Reduced in carbohydrates it leaves you feeling fresh… and surprisingly full!