Grilled Lamb Kofta Kebabs with Pistachios & Spicy Salad

I honestly thought I had already blogged about this one!

I think this is the third time we have made this Jamie dish. It’s from his Jamie at Home book, and you can find it online here. Minty, spicy, tangy and meaty! What more could you want?

We served these flavoursome kofta kebabs with a coleslaw just because we needed to use up some ingredients. And it worked well enough to do it again. Us girls stuck to salad, whereas the boys had flat bread too as suggested. In all honesty, I wouldn’t have finished it if I had a flat bread too! Then again our portions are still on the fairly large side…

As a Jamie standard there had to be yoghurt involved! I can’t believe how much mayonnaise I ate in the past… and now I reach for the yoghurt! Far better for you and so versatile too.

I think this is another great meal that allows you to cut carbs without feeling empty inside! When meals taste this good, it’s no longer a diet, it’s a welcomed way of life. Although this is higher in fat due to the lamb… but there’s no mistaking it’s far better for you than those kebabs you’ve probably eaten at 4am…

Mexican Tomato Soup

My oh my… the boys have not only agreed on something vegetarian, but one of them suggested it!

Of all the vegetarian suggestions we have put out there in the past, I am extremely shocked that a vegetarian SOUP had been chosen at will. I’m not one to knock veggie food – I actively eat it for lunch, but soup… of all things?

So this is a Jamie 15 minute meal which you can find the video for here. Whilst it’s bubbling away, the room will fill with really warming smells, but with a cheeky note of coriander which I love! It’s packed full of flavour with a bit of a kick from that jalapeño and yogurt dressing!

Using rice in replacement of cream is ingenious. It gives it that silky thick consistency without worrying about ruining your fresh, healthy soup.

The idea of serving with the avocado, feta, fresh baby tomatoes, chilli and coriander brings the soup to life. There’s nothing better than everyone digging in and making the final dish their own. I’d advise leaving out the chilli if you’re not a huge fan of heat as there’s definitely enough in the rest of the elements. The jalapeño and yogurt dressing is gentle with mint flavours which catches you off guard for the back of the throat kick which follows!

The tortilla crisps (which you can get gluten free versions of) help to bulk the meal up too, whilst adding a sense of fun. All in all this meal goes from lunch to dinner with the help of a few toppings and a side of nachos!

Powerhouse Steak & Kale Salad

And what a zing!

Sorry it’s been a while! I haven’t been quite up to my usual food antics! But I’m back, and armed with a new Hemsley & Hemsley book. Oh and apologies for the rogue plate… I accidentally donated a more decent plate to our new resident rosemary tree (reduced to £1.50 thanks to Mothers Day!).

So this new book is truly healthy, I feel you could just look at it and lose at least a pound… although it will cost you £25.

The steak recipe is high in iron and packed full of vitamins, and you’re advised to eat it for lunch or an early supper so it’s easier to digest.


So the recipe serves 2… but unless you want a fridge bursting with salad, don’t double the salad ingredients for 4! As 3 bags of kale and 2 bags of various other salad is slightly excessive!

I was dubious about the raw kale but once chopped finely it was ok. And mixed with the zingy salad dressing it was so refreshing and would definitely wake you up on a Monday lunch time (for those who struggle through the morning)! We made a mustard dressing for the steak too (see Jamie’s Steak Ratatouille recipe) which really set it off.

And as for the avocado, I love it! And in this recipe it is a must! It makes for a more interesting  variation of textures and you can’t complain when all you have to do is peal it.

Keep an eye out for another new Hemsley & Hemsley recipe this week; Mexican beef & carrot burgers! Hopefully they won’t be a disaster now i’ve mentioned it…

Sesame Chicken Salad & Cucumber Noodles

Mix in a packet of rice noodles to serve this warm for the winter.

Hemsley & Hemsley have created a refreshing, Asian flavoured salad which is just perfect to knock up when you’re a bit short on time (or really hungry!)

This is a favourite of my housemates’, but overused last year we haven’t brought it out for a while. We’ve also changed things up a bit… by adding more lime juice and replacing honey with soy sauce. And by replacing one cucumber with rice noodles it warms the salad through which makes it a lot more acceptable for these cold nights! We also used this as a bit of a ‘what things do we need to use up’ dish, so the lettuce was replaced with mange tout. Note we would rarely have leftover chicken in our ‘family’! We chopped up some chicken breasts and fried in the pan with the toasted sesame seeds instead.

Although it could easily be a vegetarian dish! How versatile…

So we may have altered the recipe slightly, but it’s good to experiment with favourites. Especially if it turns out as zingy, warm and tasty as this did!


Sea Bass with Brazil Nuts, Kale & Pomegranate

Seriously quick and easy.

This is from a new book we have called ‘Lean in 15’ by Joe Wicks. I saw him feature on Sunday Brunch and it turned out my housemate was already eyeing up his book!

You can find the recipe here. It’s so quick it could feature in 15minute meals and wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination. So much so, I think we’re going to keep this one in the bag for shopping nights!

We couldn’t get hold of sea bass this week, but try and get fish with the skin on – we missed out on that crispy texture but picked up a bargain of fresh filleted fish instead. Once the fish is cooked on one side, you even take that off the heat to forget about!

The only prep you need to do is chopping the chilli and brazil nuts. I love how he calls the tender-stem broccoli ‘midget trees’ – what a fun image! I was dubious about them cooking in 2 minutes though… so I gave them a tad longer. It would have been nice to have steamed them but it would have added some more washing up to the equation!

It’s lovely to find a recipe that includes Brazil nuts – a welcomed change to the more commonly used cashews and pistachios in our diet. Reduced in carbohydrates it leaves you feeling fresh… and surprisingly full!

Chicken with Citrus Rub & Braised Lentils

Ok… does anyone have a spare 3 hours?

Because this certainly takes longer than the recipe advises. Don’t get me wrong, the chicken is a new taste experience (one might even say Christmassy!), but it’s just too much effort (and I didn’t even make it)!

If you do feel compelled to cook this you can find the Hairy Dieter’s recipe here. All I would say is after so long purely creating the cooking environment for the chicken, you’ll probably want something a bit more substantial and exciting than… lentils. Sorry for all you lentil lovers out there; but it’s just not my thing!

At the end of the day, healthy eating should still be exciting… so make sure you’re still cooking and eating things you can love.


Chilli Steak Salad

Might not be what you fancy in this cold weather, but for those on their January health kicks – it’s perfect.

This is from The Hairy Dieters Good Eating book which is serving us well so far! Although it would be handy if they had a website like Jamie Oliver’s to give you all links for…


If you like ginger then you will love the dressing (although it’s not quite to my taste). With it being quick and easy to prepare, it’s perfect for those busy nights. I know i’ve struggled to stay ‘good’ so far this month with people bringing in birthday treats and left over Christmas goodies. So after a bit of a cheat day you can end the day feeling you’ve tried (at least a little bit) to balance it out just a tad! And if you leave out the sugar it’s even suitable for the Juice Plus diet too!

Salads might not be the most exciting meal to come home to – but with the steak, this is filling and leaves you feeling fresh!