Sizzling Sausages and Beans

When you own a tin of cannellini beans that’s sat around so long it’s nearly out of date*.

As much as I love food (and come on, that’s all you hear from people these days), it’s usually the first thing that gets compromised come the end of the month. So aside from eating jacket potato and beans (that’s next week), I made a list of the things I need to use up, and set out to find a recipe that needed little other ingredients to make them happen.

Joe Wicks has some awesome quick meals, often with simple ingredients, and very little clearing up. I tend to make extra for lunch the next day (where recipes allow) as they’re often very inexpensive too.

Simple things like using chipolatas instead of sausages are great ways to cut corners without cutting flavour or interest. Yes, chipolatas are going to make the meal more expensive than if it were just vegetarian, but when they’re the only thing you need to buy (and they will make enough for two portions) it feels like a real winner!



This is by no means a showpiece of a meal, but as it’s being demonstrated time and time again, by the likes of Jamie Oliver, Clean Eating Alice and Joe Wicks (to name a few), there really is no excuse for living off frozen chips and pizza. I can’t actually remember the last time I bought chips for home, my thought process has literally changed to ‘buy a potato’ to make potato wedges instead.

I guess it’s just about breaking the habits. Once you find a few cost effective, quick, healthy meals, your freezer draw contains ice for G&Ts, not frozen mac & cheese…

*do people really believe those dates?

Curry Chicken Lettuce Boats

Just as you’d thought you’d heard enough about Joe Wicks (is it just me or is he everywhere?!) here’s another Lean in 15 meal for you.

This not only makes a great meal for one, but you could easily include it in a buffet style dinner for friends and family. Super quick and easy to prepare, it really ticks all the boxes.


Ok so you could take it that step further by making your own homemade mayo, however I didn’t fancy the washing up!

I’ve found meals like this are a great way for me to make sure i’m eating enough fruit and veg. When buying and cooking for one, it’s often easy to avoid greens for fear of them going bad before you have a chance to use them up. I doubled this recipe and popped the little boats in a box for lunch the next day. By some miracle the way I had tightly packed them in meant they weren’t a complete mess by the time I got there! Meaning I had an awesome lunch and nothing was wasted.

Looking forward to the summer when I can pull things like this out for evening get togethers with a glass of wine (or two) in the sun.

‘Greek’ Chicken

Ok so i’m a little dubious about the title…

So we’re back to Joe Wicks with what probably has to be the quickest meal i’ve ever cooked (and managed to hold a steady conversation at the same time). I think I was so surprised when i’d finished eating it that I wondered if I had missed something.


But I have to say, I felt it was a little odd. Olives, pomegranate, spring onions and pine nuts mixed with yoghurt and chicken stock. Although admittedly mine did have somewhat more chicken stock than in the book – but I had doubled everything to make enough for lunch too.

However, it looked and smelt lovely, and not to say it didn’t taste lovely either… I just felt it didn’t really know what it wanted to be. I’m still looking forward to lunch tomorrow though!

Roast Spiced Cauliflower & Salmon

So I’ve joined the Lean in 15 party.

Recently ‘treated’ myself to the latest Lean in 15 book by Joe Wicks aka ‘The Body Coach’. A few mates are raving about him, and even my brother is now dabbling in the kitchen thanks to his simple, quick and nutritious meals.

To be fair it was around this time last year that I posted a meal from his first book – Sea Bass with Brazil Nuts, Kale & Pomegranate. So you could say I was one of the first to the party…

Anyway, roast spiced cauliflower with salmon was super easy, and pretty tasty too. It all happens in one roasting tray so you really can’t complain. When I cook meals like this it really highlights how healthy eating is not difficult, nor does it need to break the bank.

The most expensive ingredient is the salmon, which is usually around £3.50 for two fillets. Although, after watching Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast* this week, I will be keeping an eye out for the MSC sustainable seafood label and picking more meals based around these.


I felt so healthy eating this meal, and will definitely be cooking it again. Only change I may make is reducing the spice mix down a bit as I felt the cauliflower was slightly too doused in the stuff! Don’t get me wrong, it’s no showstopper meal for a dinner party, but when you just need to impress yourself – it does the job!

*FYI after watching one of Joe’s live Insta posts he said he was down to appear on the show!

Sea Bass with Brazil Nuts, Kale & Pomegranate

Seriously quick and easy.

This is from a new book we have called ‘Lean in 15’ by Joe Wicks. I saw him feature on Sunday Brunch and it turned out my housemate was already eyeing up his book!

You can find the recipe here. It’s so quick it could feature in 15minute meals and wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination. So much so, I think we’re going to keep this one in the bag for shopping nights!

We couldn’t get hold of sea bass this week, but try and get fish with the skin on – we missed out on that crispy texture but picked up a bargain of fresh filleted fish instead. Once the fish is cooked on one side, you even take that off the heat to forget about!

The only prep you need to do is chopping the chilli and brazil nuts. I love how he calls the tender-stem broccoli ‘midget trees’ – what a fun image! I was dubious about them cooking in 2 minutes though… so I gave them a tad longer. It would have been nice to have steamed them but it would have added some more washing up to the equation!

It’s lovely to find a recipe that includes Brazil nuts – a welcomed change to the more commonly used cashews and pistachios in our diet. Reduced in carbohydrates it leaves you feeling fresh… and surprisingly full!