Powerhouse Steak & Kale Salad

And what a zing!

Sorry it’s been a while! I haven’t been quite up to my usual food antics! But I’m back, and armed with a new Hemsley & Hemsley book. Oh and apologies for the rogue plate… I accidentally donated a more decent plate to our new resident rosemary tree (reduced to £1.50 thanks to Mothers Day!).

So this new book is truly healthy, I feel you could just look at it and lose at least a pound… although it will cost you £25.

The steak recipe is high in iron and packed full of vitamins, and you’re advised to eat it for lunch or an early supper so it’s easier to digest.


So the recipe serves 2… but unless you want a fridge bursting with salad, don’t double the salad ingredients for 4! As 3 bags of kale and 2 bags of various other salad is slightly excessive!

I was dubious about the raw kale but once chopped finely it was ok. And mixed with the zingy salad dressing it was so refreshing and would definitely wake you up on a Monday lunch time (for those who struggle through the morning)! We made a mustard dressing for the steak too (see Jamie’s Steak Ratatouille recipe) which really set it off.

And as for the avocado, I love it! And in this recipe it is a must! It makes for a more interesting  variation of textures and you can’t complain when all you have to do is peal it.

Keep an eye out for another new Hemsley & Hemsley recipe this week; Mexican beef & carrot burgers! Hopefully they won’t be a disaster now i’ve mentioned it…


Next Level Steak & Onion Sandwich

It’s all about the onions!

Not hungry yet but will be soon? Give yourself an hour to prepare this beauty! It’s the first meal we have made from ‘Jamie’s Comfort Food’ book and it gives us high hopes! You can find the recipe here.

We already had a fair few of the ingredients to cook this, and it only required one steak between two (yes we were surprised) so it was far less expensive than first thought. Unfortunately there’s no greenery though as we thought we had some… but we were wrong! So we griddled some tomatoes along with the steaks instead.

The onions are SO tasty – although not healthy in any way, shape or form. Got to have a treat every now and again though right?! When you lift the lid after they have been caramelising in the brown sugar, butter and red wine vinegar it literally takes your breath away!

So if you fancy something a little bit naughty for lunch this weekend, look no further!

Chilli Steak Salad

Might not be what you fancy in this cold weather, but for those on their January health kicks – it’s perfect.

This is from The Hairy Dieters Good Eating book which is serving us well so far! Although it would be handy if they had a website like Jamie Oliver’s to give you all links for…


If you like ginger then you will love the dressing (although it’s not quite to my taste). With it being quick and easy to prepare, it’s perfect for those busy nights. I know i’ve struggled to stay ‘good’ so far this month with people bringing in birthday treats and left over Christmas goodies. So after a bit of a cheat day you can end the day feeling you’ve tried (at least a little bit) to balance it out just a tad! And if you leave out the sugar it’s even suitable for the Juice Plus diet too!

Salads might not be the most exciting meal to come home to – but with the steak, this is filling and leaves you feeling fresh!

Griddled Steak & Peppers with Herby Jewelled Tabbouleh Rice

Don’t be boring with steak! (unless it’s an amazing cut!)

I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again – there’s so much more to steak than chips! Even if they are sweet potato chips…

This Jamie recipe from his Everyday Superfood book is the perfect way to mix it up. Plus both beef and pomegranate seeds contain plenty of vitamin B which not only boosts our metabolism and immune system, but helps us feel less sluggish – for all those finishing their first week back at work you know where i’m coming from.

If you have trustworthy knife skills you could almost cook this with you eyes closed. It’s so simple and quick that there really is no excuse for not trying it.  The tabbouleh rice is fresh with lemon and mint, and the little jewels of pomegranate are a lovely sweet hit. And if you have leftover tabbouleh it’s great for lunch the next day – two meals in one!

I reckon it’s one to save for the summer too – steak on the BBQ and tabbouleh for everyone to help themselves to. Definitely a winner.

Beef Chilli with Bitter Chocolate

And enough to last you 3 days!

This is a common dish of ours, but each time we have made it recently- we’ve been missing the coriander! So this time it was fit to photograph and show you all how delicious it really is!

This is a recipe that made it’s way into the flat’s recipe book a long time ago, so I’ve only just realised this is a Hairy Bikers recipe, which you can find here.

People at work seemed shocked when I told them my chilli was finished off with a dash of dark chocolate, but soon warmed to the idea when they tried it! It also has two different types of beef in the recipe- diced and minced, which mixes up the texture and surprise. It’s dead easy to make, and perfect for a cold winters night. Prepare and then pop in the oven to forget about (well almost)!  I’d always recommend a nice spoonful of soured cream on top to really finish it off and marry all the yummy flavours together.

As it’s Christmas we have been out a lot! So posts should be flooding back in in January when we’ll have all missed our wonderful home cooked meals! Have a Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year everyone!

Steak Ratatouille & Saffron Rice

Another amazing way to have steak! Plus plenty of your five a day!

Jamie does know some great ways to mix things up. We’ve had this dish about three times now and have finally got the rice lovely and yellow! The dressing for the steak is so good we’ve used it in other recipes too. You can find out how to make it here.

Whilst on the topic of steak, we went to the Flat Iron in Soho this week and it certainly lived up to expectations. I was served the most melt in your mouth steak I have had in a long time! It was buttery, tender, well seasoned and full of flavour… all for a tenner with salad! We have been to some expensive steak houses and I would pick the flat iron steak hands down every time now- and that’s coming from a fillet lover. So next time you fancy treating yourself for a meal out, visit the Flat Iron – although you may need to go for a few cocktails to kill some waiting time first… not the end of the world!

Griddled Steak Salad with Pesto & Crostini

You can’t get much quicker than this.

I think this year in particular I have learnt that there are so many more ways to have steak than just with chips. Cottage cheese & beets, ratatouille, and this time round – with pesto & crostini. Don’t get me wrong, if I could afford fillet steak I would let it take centre stage, maybe with some truffle chips and chimichurri sauce!

We usually have this in the summer with it being a salad but we’ve broke the rules on this occasion. You can find the recipe here… and looking at it, we forgot the rosemary… oh well! Goes to show these things are adaptable if you don’t have certain ingredients to hand (or just a bad memory).

Although the technical term is crostini… I think this is the best tasting garlic bread you can make, and perfect for soaking up those resting steak juices!