Curry Chicken Lettuce Boats

Just as you’d thought you’d heard enough about Joe Wicks (is it just me or is he everywhere?!) here’s another Lean in 15 meal for you.

This not only makes a great meal for one, but you could easily include it in a buffet style dinner for friends and family. Super quick and easy to prepare, it really ticks all the boxes.


Ok so you could take it that step further by making your own homemade mayo, however I didn’t fancy the washing up!

I’ve found meals like this are a great way for me to make sure i’m eating enough fruit and veg. When buying and cooking for one, it’s often easy to avoid greens for fear of them going bad before you have a chance to use them up. I doubled this recipe and popped the little boats in a box for lunch the next day. By some miracle the way I had tightly packed them in meant they weren’t a complete mess by the time I got there! Meaning I had an awesome lunch and nothing was wasted.

Looking forward to the summer when I can pull things like this out for evening get togethers with a glass of wine (or two) in the sun.


‘Greek’ Chicken

Ok so i’m a little dubious about the title…

So we’re back to Joe Wicks with what probably has to be the quickest meal i’ve ever cooked (and managed to hold a steady conversation at the same time). I think I was so surprised when i’d finished eating it that I wondered if I had missed something.


But I have to say, I felt it was a little odd. Olives, pomegranate, spring onions and pine nuts mixed with yoghurt and chicken stock. Although admittedly mine did have somewhat more chicken stock than in the book – but I had doubled everything to make enough for lunch too.

However, it looked and smelt lovely, and not to say it didn’t taste lovely either… I just felt it didn’t really know what it wanted to be. I’m still looking forward to lunch tomorrow though!

Chicken & Chorizo Paella

Something to see you through to pay day.

So i’m really glad I kept this one up my sleeve this month. It’s made a good four portions and tastes really authentic!

This is from Save with Jamie and I admit I made it slightly cheaper still by missing out the prawns. Don’t get me wrong, I can imagine it would be amazing with them, but I felt I could go without. It also suggests serving with lemon wedges but I keep a bottle of lemon juice in the fridge, which does the job nicely when drizzled over the finished paella.

So pop you’re music on and get chopping! (As that’s probably the most difficult part of this meal). I chopped everything in advance, and always have the remaining ingredients to hand for the moment I need them (plus it looks pretty on the work top when you have lots of colourful ingredients!). The cooking takes a fair bit of stirring, however I can imagine it’s easier in a proper paella pan. In order to keep the rice cooking for long enough I did have to add splashes of water as the recipe suggests.

To be honest I feel I should have made something more complex with it being the weekend. As this is actually perfect for a weekday meal, it only took me an hour and by the time I was finished I only had one pot and a chopping board to wash up!

Chicken Lollipop Dippers

What’s not to love about this fun titled dish!

My wonderful friends, family and work colleagues bought me lot’s of lovely cook books for my birthday! One of those books being Jamie Oliver’s most recent ‘Superfood Family Classics’. Flicking through it, this really caught my eye – and must be great for getting kids excited about food (not that I have that challenge)!

It’s super easy – a one pan wonder. I always find chicken doesn’t cook as fast as Jamie makes out, but it may be due to not bashing the chicken breast enough. However, as you cut into it you can soon tell if it needs popping back in the pan for an additional couple of minutes.

I think my favourite part of this meal is the yoghurt & sun dried tomato sauce – it lifts the dish and marries all those fresh flavours together a treat!

With two of your five a day in there too, there really is no going wrong with this quick and tasty dish.

Spanish-style Chicken Bake

Hopefully you remember me…!

I know it’s been a few months since my last post, but I’m back in the driving seat and ready to share more teatimegems!

Firstly if you are interested in growing your recipe book collection then head to the car boot! From 50p – £1 per book you will save yourself a fortune whilst quickly transforming your bookshelves. It’s amazing how new some of the books are that you will find… one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Quite an easy recipe to kick things off again. This is a Hairy Dieters recipe from their book How to Love Food and Lose Weight. You can find the recipe online here.

It’s amazing that with a simple mix of smoked paprika and oregano, and a dash of chorizo you have Spain knocking at your door… well your oven at least! It’s an easy one to remember as it’s all broken down into 5 straight forward 20minute stages that are a breeze to follow.

The potatoes start to absorb those juicy chicken flavours that have been muddled with chorizo, and the tomatoes are perfectly roasted without being overly soft. I think chicken thighs are understated really, they are so succulent and flavoursome… and a fraction of the price. Overall a really wholesome meal to edge you into Autumn.

Plus you will have the perfect ratio of food to washing up – lot’s of food and next to no washing up!!

Seared Turmeric Chicken

Simply a MUST try!

Being honest, this recipe didn’t stand out as amazing on our meal board this week. And after the fiasco with the hummus, hopes were quite low. But Jamie came through with a winner by the end!

This is from Jamie’s Everyday Superfood book, and you can find it online here. Filled with iron to keep you awake, and manganese for strong bones, who knew turmeric could be so kind…  although not so kind to your kitchen-

WARNING: For those with white kitchens, you’ll be cleaning the work top for days afterwards! So try and cover the sides with a tea towel when cooking the chicken, as it spits out lovely turmeric yellow oil!

Other things to watch out for… quite a standard Jamie issue that the chicken took longer than 8 minutes to cook. So next time we will give it a bash so it’s not so thick and may cook in that time frame! Do try to get good quality chickpeas for the skinny hummus – we forgot, and ended up buying another tin to combat the rather watery hummus we initially made. Or just don’t pour in all of the juices from the tin. Saying that the end result was still runnier than what you would buy but it actually worked really well as it coated the couscous far easier when you came to eat the meal.

All in all this was just such a well rounded meal, interesting, tasty, filling, and good for you! We also realised that if a couple of you help to prepare it, and start everything at once, you can have it made pretty rapidly! I don’t usually get excited about chicken, but this is definitely going down in the mental book of faves!

Sesame Chicken Salad & Cucumber Noodles

Mix in a packet of rice noodles to serve this warm for the winter.

Hemsley & Hemsley have created a refreshing, Asian flavoured salad which is just perfect to knock up when you’re a bit short on time (or really hungry!)

This is a favourite of my housemates’, but overused last year we haven’t brought it out for a while. We’ve also changed things up a bit… by adding more lime juice and replacing honey with soy sauce. And by replacing one cucumber with rice noodles it warms the salad through which makes it a lot more acceptable for these cold nights! We also used this as a bit of a ‘what things do we need to use up’ dish, so the lettuce was replaced with mange tout. Note we would rarely have leftover chicken in our ‘family’! We chopped up some chicken breasts and fried in the pan with the toasted sesame seeds instead.

Although it could easily be a vegetarian dish! How versatile…

So we may have altered the recipe slightly, but it’s good to experiment with favourites. Especially if it turns out as zingy, warm and tasty as this did!