Gourmet Sausage Rolls

Cheese, wine, buffets and Christmas jumpers!

Every year we host a festive cheese and wine party, and every year we want to make it better! This year we decided to make our own sausage rolls… and they went down a treat!

A friend at work told me about SORTEDfood, so I took a look and thought we’d try their gourmet sausage rolls. You can find the recipe and video tutorial here. They are so easy to make that you’ll be surprised how good they taste!

We also made Jamie Oliver’s smoked salmon, horseradish and cress toasts (minus the cress – doesn’t seem to be the time of year for it!) which went down a treat. Ok so the cheese may have taken a slight back seat but it’s tradition to make more food than you actually need at Christmas… right?!


Pulled Pork Wraps with Apple & Avocado Salad

Our ultimate favourite, but not the easiest thing to photograph!

We may have a few favourites (ok a lot), but this meal comes out time and time again. Originally Jamie Oliver’s ultimate pork tacos with black bean & avocado green salad. Switch to wraps as it makes for easier eating!

We use a joint of pork and slow cook it over night, and then add a smokey BBQ fajita mix to flavour the pork once cooked and pulled. You can also take the skin off the pork before slow cooking, and put it to one side to create crackling as a naughty side! The avocado salsa we made for the sweet potato rostis replaced the avocado in the salad this time round- it was really tasty but I think I prefer the original idea! This salad has to be the best one we make, I love the apple, just a shame it doesn’t last long enough to accompany the left over pork!

This dish always comes out for guests… and will continue to – I’m sure.

Hot & Sour Rhubarb and Crispy Pork with Noodles

So it might not be rhubarb season.

But the residents of East London have taken to the supermarkets and cleared the shelves of what limited rhubarb they did have. I can’t imagine anyone needed it for the same reason as us though- Jamie’s hot and sour rhubarb and crispy pork with noodles…

This is one of those meals that warranted a food processor. The marinade contains honey, soy sauce, garlic, chillies, five spice, ginger, and of course, rhubarb! Whiz it all up for a surprisingly tasty combination.

Although we have cooked this one a few times, it isn’t one of my favourites… yet! We just need to crisp up that pork more! But I do love the fresh spring onions, chilli and coriander to serve. A sprinkling of greenery always brightens up the plate! Plus, who’d have thought rhubarb and pork could work so well together – what a great experiment!