Cochin First-Class Railway Mutton Curry

Ok so I felt slightly under pressure with this one!

So usually curries are left to one particular housemate who has a knack for nailing them! So when I found I was the only one available to make this (as it takes 3 hours to cook once prepared and everyone was out) I was feeling the heat!

It’s from our Rick Steins India book pictured below. If you can follow instructions, there’s no reason you can’t make this too.



To make sure I added the right spices at the right time, I made separate piles of each representing the different stages. I think it’s just key to have everything ready so you don’t overcook any of the steps. Other than that it was really straight forward and I was surprised how authentic I managed to make it look and taste!

We couldn’t actually get hold of lamb shanks so we used lamb shoulder instead. It just meant turning the joint a couple of times to make sure it didn’t dry out on the top, and was evenly cooked in the curry sauce. Once it had been in for 2 and a half hours I pulled out the bone and broke up the meat (it was so nicely cooked it was falling apart).

Once it’s in the oven, all the hard parts are done! As you only need to add the coconut milk once it comes out which cools the kick of the chilli powder.

I now feel more confident making more curries if I have to step up to the mark again!

Rocky’s Chicken Korma

A change from buttered chicken!

This is another Rick Stein recipe from his India book. We adapted the recipe to chicken breasts as that’s what Sainsbury’s had (there’s not enough of us in at the moment to do a big Tesco shop!) Luckily we’ve gradually accumulated all the other little things!

The book highlights that the black cardamon pods added at the end are essential to the flavour of this dish. Although I’m not going to lie, I didn’t pay much attention to the cooking of this one! But it only took an hour or so and tasted very authentic. The only thing I was unsure of was the texture of the coconut as it was quite a prominent element on the plate.

It was really filling and a lot more simple than all the marinades required for the buttered chicken recipe. Although I am very lucky that our housemate takes the reins on our curries so it’s just a matter of clearing up!

What’s in Your Curry?

Fresh, from scratch, butter chicken.

Last night we started the 2 marinades for our butter chicken. A Rick Stein recipe from his book ‘Rick Stein’s India’. Not a quick dish, but super tasty and very rewarding knowing everything that goes in it!

With cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds, coriander, limes and a concoction of indian spices, this meal is well worth the wait!

Very grateful for my housemates cooking on this one. Always far nicer than any Indian takeaway!

Hoping my berry capsules arrive tomorrow! Looking forward to the possible benefits they could bring.