Lemon Pepper Chicken with Green Pepper Salsa

Always wondering what to do with those left over green peppers in those mixed bags? So did we… until now.

We have found it fairly rare to find a mid week achievable dish from Tom Kerridge, but his ‘Best Ever Dishes’ book has got off to a good start. Although to be fair we swapped it to Saturday when we realised you need to marinade the chicken for 2 hours…

The salsa is the best part of this meal (in my opinion). It’s a really great way to use up those green peppers without forcing yourself to like it! I think it would be really nice with white fish too.

My housemates liked the lemon dressing but I think the honey spoilt it for me. To be honest- I actually quite hate honey! But I am always open to trying things with it in as it’s a great natural sweetener. Trouble is… I can only like it when I can’t taste it!


However, if you like honey and have time to marinade the chicken then this recipe is pretty straightforward. Plus you only have a couple of things to wash up at the end- result!