Charred Avo & Eggs

Super quick and super healthy.

We often treat ourselves to a nice breakfast either Saturday or Sunday, but usually struggle to find something new that we’ll all like. Plus it usually ends up being brunch anyway!

So we came across this brilliant Jamie Oliver dish that takes only 25minutes to cook! And he is true to his word – it really does only take 25minutes.

All it takes is a bit of chopping and peeling and you’re pretty much there. We actually used a whole avocado as we felt it would go to waste if we left half of it. I feel like it’s the first time i’ve cooked avocado like this, and I was surprised how it stayed together. I was expecting a bit of a mush to be honest! The ribbons of sweet potato is a great idea, and they cook so quickly. We used mint, parsley and coriander to garnish with which we thought really brought everything together. As for the cottage cheese – it’s great to find a new recipe to use it in!

Definitely going to make this again. Makes a nice change from the Mexican breakfast we often have, and takes a fraction of the time!


Beef Lasagne with Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese I hear you say?

But it’s such a good substitute for béchamel. This is one of those meals I just ‘fancy’ every now and again. Everyone needs a go to lasagne recipe, just like bolognaise, chili… all the mince parties! Although my mum cooks a mean vegetable lasagne…

You can find Simon Rimmer’s take on the classic beef lasagne here. We’re big fans of Sunday Brunch, so we should really start making more of their meals. Although I’d have to start taking photos with my kitchen in the background…

It’s still perhaps not the most healthy meal you could have, but with the cottage cheese stand in, and served with salad, you can at least feel like you’ve tried!

Griddled Steak & Beets with Cottage Cheese Dressing

With an adapted method for kitchen cooking!

I remember finding this one in Jamie’s ‘Cook Your Way to the Good Life’ and thinking we could never do this as a) we don’t have a BBQ and b) even if we did we can’t use it on our balcony! You can find the beets and cottage cheese recipe online. But in Jamie’s book he suggests it is paired with grilled steak.

So to get round our BBQ issue, we chop the rosemary and sprinkle over the beets which we then griddle. Once these are cooked we add them to the dressing like the recipe suggests. We then griddle the steak in the same pan (saves washing up)!

Normally we would choose basil over tarragon but this week Tesco didn’t give us the choice (and it’s something we failed to grow)! Although it was nice, it wasn’t to my personal taste… in fact I think tarragon taste quite medicine-like!

This is one herby dish… so make sure to add the correct herbs in the correct places!

We purchased Jamie Oliver’s new book ‘Everyday Super Food’ this week. Looking forward to trying out some new recipes next week!