Charred Avo & Eggs

Super quick and super healthy.

We often treat ourselves to a nice breakfast either Saturday or Sunday, but usually struggle to find something new that we’ll all like. Plus it usually ends up being brunch anyway!

So we came across this brilliant Jamie Oliver dish that takes only 25minutes to cook! And he is true to his word – it really does only take 25minutes.

All it takes is a bit of chopping and peeling and you’re pretty much there. We actually used a whole avocado as we felt it would go to waste if we left half of it. I feel like it’s the first time i’ve cooked avocado like this, and I was surprised how it stayed together. I was expecting a bit of a mush to be honest! The ribbons of sweet potato is a great idea, and they cook so quickly. We used mint, parsley and coriander to garnish with which we thought really brought everything together. As for the cottage cheese – it’s great to find a new recipe to use it in!

Definitely going to make this again. Makes a nice change from the Mexican breakfast we often have, and takes a fraction of the time!


Eggy Breakfast Crumpets

Treat yourself… it’s Sunday.

Alternatively this is suggested as a hangover dish… which is also most likely required on a Sunday! Either way, it’s surprisingly good. I had my doubts, but took courage, drizzled over the maple syrup and enjoyed!

It’s another recipe from the Jamie at Home book – goes to show it’s great to keep looking back at recipe books, as it’s likely you will try something that didn’t stand out to you originally. You can find this recipe online here.

A simple recipe to follow, with little ingredients necessary. We happened to have maple syrup left over from pancake day, but i’m betting most people have brown sauce sitting in the cupboard. The crumpets soak up the egg mixture like a sponge and once fried the warmth and texture almost reminded us of pancakes.

A little bit naughty… but a whole lot nice!

Mexican Breakfast

A spicy start to the day!

Jamie Oliver serves this as a vegetarian, gluten free dish… we decided to have it for brunch with some pork & apple sausages. You can find the original recipe here. And we agree that it would be perfect for hangovers! But I’d advise having your morning cup of tea before eating this as it has quite a kick to it!

Although this may be really nice with wraps, we had some bread we needed to use up… which was perfect for mopping up the plate. Wraps could potentially be rather messy too! It was lovely seeing so much colour in the pan when this was cooking – even if it was starting to decorate the white worktop…

I’m looking forward to finding some more gems in Jamie’s America book- so far it has not let us down!

Smoked Salmon & Spring Onion Eggs

How do you like your eggs in the morning? We had ours in the afternoon.

We’re big fans of smoked salmon and eggs, so it was great to find a new variation to try. Apparently eggs give us over a days worth of vitamin B12 which (if I had them for breakfast) might help me stay awake on the tube!

We used bagels for this recipe as we couldn’t get hold of soughdough bread. To serve 2, trim 2 spring onions and finely slice with 50g of smoked salmon. Beat 4 eggs with a pinch of black pepper, then fold through the sliced spring onion and smoked salmon. Lightly oil a non-stick pan using some kitchen roll, and place over a medium heat. Pour the egg mixture into the pan and stir intermittently until there’s a mix of silky egg and more custardy egg. Serve on your choice of toasted bread and enjoy!

This makes for a lovely breakfast or brunch. To be honest you could even eat it without the bread! It was interesting to have the smoked salmon warm too. And most definitely more healthy than our Eggs Royale-Benedict

Birthday Brunch

Eggs Royale-Benedict… the best of both worlds.

I was very spoilt with a lovely brunch yesterday, no expense spared. Smoked salmon, poached eggs, spinach, hollandaise, grilled bacon and tomatoes, all on a toasted muffin. We also made a horseradish and creme fresh sauce to mix things up a bit! This sauce makes a great accompaniment to smoked salmon, try it on toasted ciabatta with cress and a squeeze of lemon- makes a lovely sharing board or ‘help yourself’ lunch. We’ve also mastered the art of cooking multiple poached eggs – use a deep frying pan (filled with water!) and gently break each egg around the outside; no scraggly bits!

I even got the teapot out… to find that it was a champagne flute I required instead!

If you can’t treat yourself on your birthday, when can you?!